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A true mother. June 26, 2008

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A mother is a great women. She is willing to bear the pain of giving birth. She is willing to let her child eat and starve. She would give her best without a payment. I distinctively remember a trip to some place many years back. It was like an excurision around somewhere in Singapore. Back then, we did not eat for a very long time and was starving. When we finally found this food store, my mother bought some fishballs to eat. Both of us were really hungry. After i ate my share, i was still hungry. It was then my mother gave her fishballs to me. It may seem like a small thing to do. But a mother giving her share of food to her child even if she starves is a noble thing. How many of us will let ourselves starve for the sake of someone else? Imagine the whole senario that it was life threathening. A mother would give her life in exchange for yours, i am sure.

Lim Shan=)


My mummy, The Supermom.

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My mom, the supermom.
A mother is someone who cares and takes care of you. She is responsible of your well-being and you needs. And that is just what she is doing. She is working to do it. She is trying to do it. It seems very fair to me that we should respect her choice. And there is the tradition. They say that a woman’s true place is at home. But the fact that your mother is going out to work BECAUSE of the family makes sense. As long as a woman does anything to help her family live in a comfprt, she is a hero, a supermum.

Lim Shan=) 








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“For all the times you have been there
From the day that I was born
You gave me the courage
You kept me safe and warm

You taught me to be faithful
So loving and so true
Whenever I am lonely, Mom
My thoughts come back to you

Even when I am with you
I know how proud I am
To have you as my mother
It was part of God’s great plan

You call just to say hello
Send me notes to say you care
And when we get together
Special moments we can share.”

poem by:mortisha

post by: Aishwarya…


My mom, the supermom :D June 23, 2008

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My mom, the supermom.
Your mother may be working, but are you understanding?

Some teenagers say they don’t receive enough love because both their parents are working, but do they really understand why their mothers are doing that? Our research shows that mothers go out to work is either because their family income needs it and others just want a career. Some mothers go out to work because their family needs it. Today, rice prices and oil prices and house prices and so,so much more are rising. Even a trip to the saloon is rising, how can a mother not work? Many teenagers these days want a handphone, an iPod, a laptop, a playstation, a PSP and also so, so much more. They even want restaurants to eat in! Global warming? Lack of oil? The rice and ‘wants’ rising, it seems impossible to make a mother stay at home. Then there is tuition. Many mothers want their children to excel in their studies.
Actually, all mothers want their children to excel in their studies. So, regardless of whether they fail of pass with flying colors, they still send them to the same place. That would be the tuition center. And if the father’s job is not paying much, do you think there would be enough for everything and much more?

The career. A women also has the same dreams as men. They have the same aspirations as men. They have the same goals as men. So of course they want to go out and work. A mother who works and juggles house chores at the same time is a supermom. No doubt. Teenagers can’t handle homework, and a mother who works and cooks and cleans, and even supervises their children, shouldn’t she be applauded.

My own mother works too, and I do not blame her. Without her, I wouldn’t be living such a blessed life. All mothers want their children to be happy, and she is willing to go through all sorts of hardship to give you what you want. That is Supermom for you.




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We owe our mothers more than we know.We can even say that in a way,it was our mother’s love and care that made us human.Ofcourse,it was god who literally made us human by giving us a human spirit.But our mothers made us human in that they primarily the ones who developed the human potential thet we were born with.It is obvious that if they did not feed us we wouldn’t have developed.But they did much more than we think so.First, they taught us words,language or we wouldn’t be proper human.Our mothers also taught us love.They did not give us a lecture on love everytime they changed our diapers ,but they poured out their love upon us in their care for us.Love was filled in their eyes and touch.Love was in the way they spoke to us,as well as what they said.Love was in their anger no less than in their smile. They taught us right and wrong and that wrong deeds bring dissapproval and pain.Not just in pain of punishment but pain to those we love…we learned more and more from our mothers than we fill out.Ofcourse,there are also things that we learned once that we have now forgotten. However, for the pain and suffering she went through for us we definitely owe the heroine more…….”I LOVE YOU MOM!”


aishwarya….. :D 



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{LimShan&LimShan’s Mother}


LIMSHAN: Hi, can i ask you some questions?



LIMSHAN: What are the disadvantages of being a working mother?

HER MOTHER: (pauses to think) I cannot look after my kids.


LIMSHAN: And others?

HER MOTHER: I cannot spend time with them, quality time with them. I cannot cook for my husband. (smiles)


LIMSHAN: Are you stressed out easily?

HER MOTHER: Not stress, too busy, too many things to think. Sometimes, you can say its stress.


LIMSHAN: Are you happy with the way you are living now?

HER MOTHER: (pauses) Yes, I have to beautiful kids! (laughs) and um… A lovely husband? (laughs) well, I’m contended.


LIMSHAN: If you have sufficent income, will you quit your job?

HER MOTHER: Sufficent(thinks for a moment), sufficent savings, not income. If i had  sufficent savings, yes of course.


LIMSHAN: But how do you actually juggle your daily life with children, work and husband?

HER MOTHER: Divide the time, juggle a few things at one go, multi task.


LIMSHAN: So that’s what women are good at ah?

HER MOTHER: For women, we are forced to be good at it. (smiles knowingly)


LIMSHAN: So, would you choose to be a housewife or help support the family if you had a  chance?

HER MOTHER: (blinks in confusion) Wha- what do you mean?


LIMSHAN: As in, if you had a choice right, to choose whether you want me to be a housewife or work, which one would you choose?

HER MOTHER: I should say uh, in between. I want to have a career but its not full time so I can have time with my kids.


LIMSHAN: (laughs) A real singapore women, thank you.





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{Hana&Hana’s Mother}


HANA: What are the disadvantages of being a supermom?

HER MOTHER: I don’t get time to spend time with my kids.


HANA: Are you stressed out?

HER MOTHER: No. I am allowed to leave the office whenever I want–I’m the boss ( ;D)


HANA: Are you happy with the way you are living now?

HER MOTHER: (smiles) Yes.


HANA: If you have insufficient income, will you quit your job?

HER MOTHER: No. Why should I quit if I can work and earn money? ( ._. )


HANA: How do you juggle in your daily life with having a family?

HER MOTHER: During the day, at work and during the night, with family. ( smiles (: )


HANA: Would you choose to be a housewife or help to support the family if you habe a choice.

HER MOTHER: I would choose to support the family.