i have a supermom! (:

About Aishwarya. June 4, 2008

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Hello, I am Aishwarya. I am from SMSS. I am in 1E1. I love to dance basically. I also like drama. But dance simply just gives me the rhythm to live. Dance rules. Dancing is also a form of exercise to keep you fit. I don’t wish to go out so much, My favourtie subjects are Maths and MotherTongue( in this case its Tamil) maybe English too. I love beaches, they are so calming and refreshing. I like chocolate although i don’t eat them quite often. I like the library. Its is very quiet and peaceful, a good place to relax your mind from all the stress. Reading books-quite frequently. For sports, I like to play basket ball. Music-listening to music relieves my stress, so sometimes i do that too. I like to eat fruits and vegetables because I always liked to be fit and healthy. I like blue, pink, red, black and orange. To me, they are instresting colours. I also like to surf the net.  So concludingly, I am a not so sociable girl. I take time to go and befriend a person. However once they are my true friends, I am very cheerful. Yeah, so that’s it! Thats me! (:


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