i have a supermom! (:


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We owe our mothers more than we know.We can even say that in a way,it was our mother’s love and care that made us human.Ofcourse,it was god who literally made us human by giving us a human spirit.But our mothers made us human in that they primarily the ones who developed the human potential thet we were born with.It is obvious that if they did not feed us we wouldn’t have developed.But they did much more than we think so.First, they taught us words,language or we wouldn’t be proper human.Our mothers also taught us love.They did not give us a lecture on love everytime they changed our diapers ,but they poured out their love upon us in their care for us.Love was filled in their eyes and touch.Love was in the way they spoke to us,as well as what they said.Love was in their anger no less than in their smile. They taught us right and wrong and that wrong deeds bring dissapproval and pain.Not just in pain of punishment but pain to those we love…we learned more and more from our mothers than we fill out.Ofcourse,there are also things that we learned once that we have now forgotten. However, for the pain and suffering she went through for us we definitely owe the heroine more…….”I LOVE YOU MOM!”


aishwarya….. :D 


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