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A true mother. June 26, 2008

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A mother is a great women. She is willing to bear the pain of giving birth. She is willing to let her child eat and starve. She would give her best without a payment. I distinctively remember a trip to some place many years back. It was like an excurision around somewhere in Singapore. Back then, we did not eat for a very long time and was starving. When we finally found this food store, my mother bought some fishballs to eat. Both of us were really hungry. After i ate my share, i was still hungry. It was then my mother gave her fishballs to me. It may seem like a small thing to do. But a mother giving her share of food to her child even if she starves is a noble thing. How many of us will let ourselves starve for the sake of someone else? Imagine the whole senario that it was life threathening. A mother would give her life in exchange for yours, i am sure.

Lim Shan=)


My mummy, The Supermom.

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My mom, the supermom.
A mother is someone who cares and takes care of you. She is responsible of your well-being and you needs. And that is just what she is doing. She is working to do it. She is trying to do it. It seems very fair to me that we should respect her choice. And there is the tradition. They say that a woman’s true place is at home. But the fact that your mother is going out to work BECAUSE of the family makes sense. As long as a woman does anything to help her family live in a comfprt, she is a hero, a supermum.

Lim Shan=) 







About Aishwarya. June 4, 2008

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Hello, I am Aishwarya. I am from SMSS. I am in 1E1. I love to dance basically. I also like drama. But dance simply just gives me the rhythm to live. Dance rules. Dancing is also a form of exercise to keep you fit. I don’t wish to go out so much, My favourtie subjects are Maths and MotherTongue( in this case its Tamil) maybe English too. I love beaches, they are so calming and refreshing. I like chocolate although i don’t eat them quite often. I like the library. Its is very quiet and peaceful, a good place to relax your mind from all the stress. Reading books-quite frequently. For sports, I like to play basket ball. Music-listening to music relieves my stress, so sometimes i do that too. I like to eat fruits and vegetables because I always liked to be fit and healthy. I like blue, pink, red, black and orange. To me, they are instresting colours. I also like to surf the net.  So concludingly, I am a not so sociable girl. I take time to go and befriend a person. However once they are my true friends, I am very cheerful. Yeah, so that’s it! Thats me! (: