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Start Acting Like You Love Your Mother! June 11, 2008

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Each of us have a special mom that we love. We all believe that our mothers can do so many things at one shot. Like they are Superwoman, then your dad is Superman! Okay, let’s get back to the point. Though they are heroes, we should stop thinking that they should do whatever we demand or have this thought in our mind that they should take care of us because it is their job. Mothers are not to be taken advantage of, nor are other people. Get that in your head alright?

Whenever we fall ill, our moms are the ones who take good care of us. But how about when they fall ill, do we take care of them? No, we act as if it is nobody’s business. There are many ways to show your mom that you care about her and appreciate everything that she does for you. For example, you can give her a massage, cook a meal for her, or something as simple as saying “I love you” so on and so forth. Seriously, is it that hard to show your mom that you care? If it is, would’nt it be worth it? What if, tomorrow you might never see her again(Touch wood), and you did not get to say “I love you” to her. You would regret it for your whole life.

-Hana :D 


HERO: My Mother

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Who is she? Is she your everday hero? You could say that again. After all, she cooks, cleans,  washes, and spends time with you and even works. How does she juggle all these in her daily life? It’s not that simple you know. Could she be wonder woman from you ordinary Justice League comic book? No, she is actually your loving and caring mother who cares so much about you that she works to her bone just for you. Hey, don’t forget, she was the one that went through the pain and hardship during labour, she was the one that gave birth to you! Now, run to your mother, and tell her, “Mother, I love you!”

-Hana :D


About LimShan June 6, 2008

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I am lim shan from st margaret seconday school class 1E1. My hobbies are singing, dancing, reading and playing the piano. I exceptionally love dancing with all it’s freedom. my favourite festival is christmas! With it’s jolly feeling and spirit, I just love it and with it’s presents, who doesn’t love it? But, last but not least, I love hanging out with friends. I feel that without friends, life is nothing but boring. Well, that’s all about me.


About Bernadine June 4, 2008

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I am Bernadine. My CCA in school is Girl Guide. I like playing computer games like Maple, Audition and Cabal. I love eating chocolates, sweets and junk food. I do not have any favourite sports. I like watching anime and shows that are adapted from mangas like Death Note. These are some of the anime tittles that I watch: Naruto, Death Note,  Inuyasha, Chrono Crusade, Shaman King, Erementar Gerad, Shakugan No Shana, Nanoha, Get Backers, D. Gray-man, Monster, Witch Hunter Robin, Special A, Jigoku Shoujo and Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy).  My favourite animes are Erementar Gerad and D. Gray-man. Currently I am watching Jigoku Shoujo and Special A. I also read mangas like Death Note, Gakuen Alice, D. Gray-man, Vampire Knight, Shinigami no Ballad, Inuyasha, Naruto and Lovely Complex. I like to listen to music. The songs that I usually listen are usually the Japanese anime opening that I usually watch. Currently my favourite song is ‘No Air’. I also like blogging. I have my own personal webpage.


About Xing Xing

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My name is called Xing Xing and no, that name is not weird. Its just unique. My birthday is on the 30th of December. I like to listen to music and reading books. My CCA in school is symphonic band and I play the cornet. Though I am a PR, I was born in Singapore. My parents and my older brother were born in China. I am good in my MotherTongue( in this case its Chinese) and Music. I adore music, It’s like my life. I like to eat noodles! Especially a noodle called ‘Wanton Noodle’ I am a good girl who eats all her vegetables. People call me a bookworm as I always read books. Books like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ and mostly all kinds of fantasy books catches my attention. I hope that when I grow up, I will either be a musician, or a music teacher or anything else that is related to music. Well, what can I say?  I am a music lover. ;D


About Hana Salih

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My name is Hana Salih. I was born on the 5th of March 1995. I came from a family of four which consists of my mom and dad, my older sister and I. I like listening to all kinds of music. From jazz to rock. I am a member of the symphonic band in my secondary school. In the band, I play a musical instrument called the cornet. I just simply love music. Other then the cornet, I also play the piano, guitar and the horn. Other than listening to music, I like watching television programmes and playing computer games. I like Japanese sushi and Chinese dim sum. When I am bored, I like to watch a movie in the cinema with my friends. I have a great interest in reading adventure books. I can say I am a typical Singaporean high schooler.


About Aishwarya.

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Hello, I am Aishwarya. I am from SMSS. I am in 1E1. I love to dance basically. I also like drama. But dance simply just gives me the rhythm to live. Dance rules. Dancing is also a form of exercise to keep you fit. I don’t wish to go out so much, My favourtie subjects are Maths and MotherTongue( in this case its Tamil) maybe English too. I love beaches, they are so calming and refreshing. I like chocolate although i don’t eat them quite often. I like the library. Its is very quiet and peaceful, a good place to relax your mind from all the stress. Reading books-quite frequently. For sports, I like to play basket ball. Music-listening to music relieves my stress, so sometimes i do that too. I like to eat fruits and vegetables because I always liked to be fit and healthy. I like blue, pink, red, black and orange. To me, they are instresting colours. I also like to surf the net.  So concludingly, I am a not so sociable girl. I take time to go and befriend a person. However once they are my true friends, I am very cheerful. Yeah, so that’s it! Thats me! (: